"I would highly recommend this place to anyone who isn't looking for the same old  "cookie cutter" massage.  Living with a decade's old back injury - I was constantly trying to find a well-rounded therapist and a clean, calm environment at a decent price. I was so thrilled when I found Nathan! I've been a regular client of his for three years and have always walked away happy.
Nathan's got a great range of capability from a simple relaxation massage to deep structural work. He can adjust to the necessary amount of pressure. I get intense muscle spasms and soreness so I need someone who can maintain deep pressure for more than an hour and he definitely meets that expectation.  He's helped unlock a frozen shoulder and some nasty knots in my back.  Some days I just want to relieve the pressures of my job and he can adjust to do a lighter and less intense session.
Nathan can be completely quiet or social and chatty.  He's great at reading where you're at and adjusting.  The pricing is really reasonable and his schedule ranges into evenings and weekends which is great with my work schedule. Nathan goes above and beyond in uniqueness and serving the client’s needs."

-Lauren B



"I have been seeing Nathan for therapeutic massage for close to 2 years now. I first went to see him with acute back pain, and during treatment, I mentioned my left hip had been bothering me for over a year.
Not only did Nathan ease my back pain, but my left hip problem also was taken care of by the time I left. I had been mentioning that hip pain to a couple of different therapists I had seen during the previous year during regular massages, but before Nathan, no one had been able to solve that chronic problem.
I was impressed right away with Nathan's very capable techniques and methods. I have found continuing relief from the repetitive stresses involved with providing dental hygiene care for over 40 years by taking advantage of Nathan's emphasis on and knowledge of structural integration. Nathan's treatment area is calm and soothing,  and I am always aware of his intent to heal. His manner of care and concern  make the whole experience a joy and truly therapeutic. Nathan is multi-talented, using a variety of techniques and methods for healing, from his fantastic deep tissue work on the fascia,  or soothing Swedish, to using a deep compression table- or sound therapy with crystal bowls and chimes. Nate has also recommended stretches and exercises to help create better alignment and correct the imbalances inherent in the work I do daily, and to enhance the outcome from the treatment he provides. Working with Nate has brought new meaning to "going for a massage"- it is really so much more than that."

-Lynn R.