I’ve really enjoyed the path massage has taken me on. It’s been wonderful making a difference in the lives of my clients, utilizing my deeper therapeutic massage style to change posture and restore proper movement and balance to the body while soothing pain, tension, and stress.  After the wide variety of clientele I’ve seen in this business, I’ve become more effective at honing in on where problems originate, able to discern that where the pain is located is not necessarily where the problem starts.

This realization in turn helped me to see that, in addition to the physical issues my clients and I were working on, there were other more subtle, often unspoken, problems that they were dealing with. I came to truly care about all of my clients’ issues both physical and emotional and had a strong desire to work with them on multiple levels in order to help them find a deeper sense of peace and happiness in their lives. Based upon its proven effectiveness and my background as a musician, I decided to integrate sound therapy into my massage therapy practice to provide my clients with a more complete healing experience. Now I am able to help my clients’ physical needs with highly effective, customized massage treatments, as well as provide a soothing, meditative, healing experience using sound tools such as crystal bowls, tibetan bowls, shaman drum, wind chimes and more.

About Me

I completed my initial certification in 2010 at the Utah College of Massage Therapy, one of the top ranked programs in massage, where I learned twelve different bodywork modalities. Upon graduation I attended the Structural Integration Institute where I received additional training and certification as a postural alignment therapist.  After completing my education I felt it best to return home to my Ann Arbor roots and begin my massage career. Thus, Healing River Therapy was born..

Today I am proud to say that Healing River Therapy has grown exponentially, built on a foundation of training, hard work, wonderful clients, and lots of love. Through helping others I have found my soul enriched and my heart filled, which has enabled me to be more compassionate and empathetic with the needs of my clients. Whether you’re looking for deep tissue massage, sound therapy, relaxation, or any combination thereof, I am passionate and excited about working with all in need.